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*****​​Amazon Reviews for Forty Years in a Day


*****GoodReads Reviews for Forty Years in a Day 

-“With a sprawling stirring narrative and almost lyrical prose, not to mention a plot twist that I most definitely did not see coming, Forty Years In A Day is one of those books that grabs your attention from the very beginning and takes you on a beautiful voyage of discovery…” The Coffee Pot Book Club Five Star Award


-"A thought-provoking family saga set in New York in the 1900s, which is so good that it will pull you into its deepest core of pain, love and grief! ... the book is devastatingly beautiful!"  -BookStopCorner


-"Told by two with the eye and instinct of keen storytellers who know exactly when to divulge, when to pause and hold onto secrets and twists. Readers will be exhausted and inspired from the journey, and wouldn't have it any other way!"   

 -The Review


"You will have a hard time putting this book down.  It is amazing! This emotional story is told beautifully, with vivid descriptions, and it’s full of hope and full of dreamers. Read this book"    -Overstuffed Princess Reviews


"The narrative, setting of the scenes, the tone, characters, dialogue, were all wonderful. All of these drew me into the story from the first page to the last. I was a part of the story!"  -Impressions in Ink Reviews


"This one will definitely keep you reading til the very end. A great Historical Novel."   -A Life Through Books Reviews


"The writing is so good, the characters jump off the page and feel so real. This is a wonderful, yet intensely emotional story."   

-Must Read Faster Reviews


"Wow, these authors really did an amazing job of bringing the 1900’s to life through one family and several generations."         -My Reading Addiction Reviews by Cami Hemlsey


"The imagery and detail really took me back to the time (1900's). [I] really did find myself connected to the characters and everything that happened to them."   -Texas Book Nook Reviews


"With a surprise twist added to the mix, Forty Years in a Day is an unforgettable book and a testimony to the perseverance of the human spirit."   -The True Book Addict Reviews


"This book is easy to read in that the writing is beautiful and the story plot interesting."  -Shut Up and Read Reviews


"I loved the story. I loved the tone and the way it sounded just like someone telling their family story to their children. It is a lovely book. I especially enjoyed how the Epilogue tied up loose ends and even revealed a few family secrets."  

   -A Book Geek Reviews


"A moving family saga with an incredible and entirely unexpected twist, Forty Years in a Day is a pleasantly emotional story. The format may have left me wanting, but the plot is one of those most creative I’ve ever encountered, debut or otherwise."  

-Flashlight Commentary Reviews


"A good read that shows, once again, that we are all the same, all have our hidden family secrets and all have to go through life dealing with them."  -Bookpleasures Reviews


"The authors depict the daily existence within the confines of poverty and menial job opportunities quite well. The forty-year time period is depicted with excellent word-imagery, and with sensitivity to the family situations of assimilation and identity." -Book Diva Reviews and News

"Coming across a good read is a blessing to every reader, and this book is undoubtedly one. I rate this book five out of five stars, as it was an exhilarating, beautiful, and captivating read.”


"Forty Years In A Day so brilliantly illuminates the hardships and tribulations of a family coming to America in the 1900's. "     

-Laura Terry, author of Intertwined


"The stunning array of characters that parade through the twists and turns of several generations is amazing. "                  

-Patrick O’Sheen,  author of Dreamer

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